WOW! You will be super surprised to know How Vladimir Putin Congratulated Trump! Classic Putin Style!!

Who said that classic telegrams were dead? Certainly not Vladimir Putin. The Russian leader congratulated Donald Trump on his presidential election victory by sending him a telegram — yes, of the old-school variety and not the secure messaging app. The message expressed a desire to deescalate tensions between Russia and the US and find “effective responses” to international security issues.

Why the outdated communication method? Despite assertions that Trump is overly cozy with Russia, it’s not necessarily true that Putin was delivering a special message to a friend. NBC observes that Putin regularly sends telegrams to freshly elected leaders — this is a tradition for him. Whatever the motivations, his telegram to Trump has sparked a little bit of life in a technology that, for many, died decades ago.

Vladimir Putin is a classic leader, he has his own mannerisms and unique style of international outreach. Putin proved two things through this telegraph, that he is not going to change for anyone and whatever happens to worl politics Vladimir Putin and his policies are consistent !!