Watch video, Barkha Datt shamelessly defending Burhan Wani and questioning Army!

Barkha Datt lives here, enjoying all the benefits as an Indian citizen but her gratitude and love is for terrorists and Pakistan. When it comes to India and its interests, all our crooked media houses are together in accusing Indian institutions, especially our armed forces. Because our armed forces are one of the major pillars of this country which unite every citizen irrespective of religion, caste, sex, creed and language.

Presstitutes and anti nationals know, if they can demoralise the armed forces, they can easily destabilise nation and undermine all other democratic institutions. This is the high time to analyse and expose the activities of Anti nationals like Barkha and team. May be these people are working as ISI agents in India for their masters in Pakistan.

Why so much love for terrorists ? Why do they have to blame our country and government for the Muslim atrocity in Kashmir? This video clearly shows the anger, frustration and hatred of Barkha towards her own motherland… do watch and share ..

People like Barkha Datt is a shame to every society, every citizen of this country is bound to respect the sovereignty and independence of India, otherwise he or she can leave this country permanently. People like Barkha are still living here and destroying the image of their own country by openly speaking for Pakistan and their interests..