Watch: Trump just Insulted his UN Ambassador in a room full of men! This is so embarrassing!

President Donald Trump just disrespected UN Ambassador Nikki Haley in a room full of UN Security Council Ambassadors today at an official White House meeting.

He said, Now, does everybody like Nikki?. Otherwise, she could be easily replaced right?” Immediately the room erupted with laughter. The video below clearly shows Haley was embarrassed by the disrespectful jab coming from the President in a room full of men. She then forces a smile taking the insult from Trump.

Trump behaved in such impolite, unprofessional way towards a senior diplomat was incredibly shocking from Trump. Such despicable act can never be imagined from Obama or any number of former presidents. The comments are in keeping with a recurrent misogynist strain found in much of Trump’s rhetoric.

Further, Trump also defends admitted sexual harassers like Bill O’Reilly and blatantly humiliating and belittling the few women in his circle of power not named Ivanka.

Perhaps an Administration that has been hemorrhaging officials since inauguration shouldn’t make mean-spirited jokes about further losses.

Watch the video here: