Watch how Sri Sri Ravishankar ended a 52 year old Colombian Civil War, which killed 2.2 lakh

In the month of June the Columbian government and Revolutionary armed forces of Columbia signed a historic peace pact, that ended a 52 year old civil war which costs 2.2 lakh lives and displaced 5 million people.

Today we live in a world, which is full of chaos, tensions and conflicts but what happened in Columbia in Jume 2016 shows that India and her spiritual power has a lot to offer to the world. It shows the courage, global view and universal love of indian spiritual masters, Sri Sri is one among the many spiritual gems we have ..All the problems in this world can be solved through spiritual strength of India.

As mother India celebrates the sacred Gurupurnima this week and honouring the great India tradition of spiritual Gurus who have gifted knowledge , love and peace to the whole world through their wisdom, compassion and universal love, here is a powerful Documentary film made by Argentinian Fil maker Paula Schargorodsky, which talks about Columbia’s India connection..

Which exclusively talks about the role played by India’s spiritual master and Art of Living Founder Sri Sri Ravishankar in the peace process that ended on the bloodiest civil war in the Latin American Nation..

President of Columbia Thanking Sri Sri…. Columbia conferred the Highest civilian award to Sri Sri as a token of their love and respect for the Guru..

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