Surgeon General warns: Drinking every time Trump lies during debate could result in acute alcohol poisoning

Viewers of tonight’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump  who decide to drink every time Trump tells a lie could very well die of alcohol poisoning, according to the US Surgeon General.

After the series of “clown car debates” of 2012, an average of 70,000 additional alcohol poisoning related incidents occurred. Due to the frequently untrue nature of Trump’s comments, first responders are bracing for a potentially more disastrous incident tonight. According to Politico,Trump lied every three minutes and 15 seconds throughout a five day period from Sept. 15 – Sept 20.

Medical professionals found themselves in a similar situation last year, before the GOP primary debates. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said “We are anticipating record levels of alcohol poisoning… all across the country, as Americans engage in drinking games while they watch the debate. We can’t impress enough on people about the danger of mixing alcohol and watching the GOP debates, especially with the field the Republicans are giving us this year.”

Given the candidate they ultimately chose, the potential for fabrications tonight are higher than ever.

The Mayo Clinic reports that signs of alcohol poisoning include vomiting, confusion, seizures, slow breathing (seven breaths a minute or less), blue-tinged or pale skin, hypothermia, and not being able to be woken up after falling asleep.

Please do your fact-checking as responsibly as possible.