Shocking! Donald Trump just savagely attacked Hillary Clinton! It’s gross than the last time!

Just last week, President Donald Trump tweeted “the election is over!” now tweeted that he defeated Hillary in the popular vote.

It is worth noting that Hillary Clinton crushed Trump by 2.8 million votes and Trump’s using the word “still” would mean, wrongly, that he had ever defeated Hillary in the popular vote.

However, Trump maintains a baseless claim that three to five million illegal ballots were cast in the election to which he has not provided any substantial evidence to back his allegation.

Trump manipulates the truth according to his convenience, to note, he pointed out the ABC News/Washington Post Poll where 53% considered Trump a strong leader. But he failed to point out his 42% approval rating in the same poll. It’s shame that it’s the lowest approval rating for a President in the first 100 days since Dwight Eisenhower.

He also didn’t note a 37% approval rating in his proposed government spending; 56% of people who said he has accomplish not very much/little/nothing as President; 56% of people who think Trump does not have the kind of judgment it takes to serve effectively as President; 59% of people who believe Trump does not have to kind of personality and temperament it takes to serve effectively as President; or only 38% of people who think Trump is honest and trustworthy.

Since the poll numbers are dwindling, it comes as no surprise for us that Trump is returning to off-putting America with unsubstantiated claims regarding an election that occurred five months ago.