Norwegian Nobel Committee Nominated Trump for Nobel peace Prize 2016!


Oslo: In a shocking development for haters and at the same time a delightful moment for all the Trump supporters. The Norvegian Nobel committee has said that they will nominate Donald J Trump for the Nobel peace prize 2016! According to various media reports and reliable sources, before nominating Trump,Norvegian Nobel committee had done a vigorous selection process for the last three months and Finally they have reached the conclusion that, except Mr. Trump at present there is no other individual in this Globe to stabilize the world through various peace processes and efforts. Norvegian Noble committee is really impressed with the anti racist activities and public statements of Donald Trump and his self funding US presidential Election campaign.

We have contacted the Norvegian nobel committee authorities in oslo (Norway), its leader Kazi kullman has officially confirmed the news with our reporters and added that Trump is the last hope of humanity, he alone can make strong walls around us for our safety, he alone can destroy ISIS through his strong speeches and he alone can serve humanity through the most peaceful and compassionate way. President Obama declined to comment on the topic..

Meanwhile our reporters were able to have a phone conversation with Donald Trump himself, his immediate response was “I am so glad crooked Hillary did not get it” anyway I am gonna build the wall and its gonna happen soon! ” Trump says he is humbled by this news and it will give him more strength to work for American people,. when asked about his plans to build wall and whether he has changed his plans due to the recent developments he said, “I am gonna build the wall and Mexico is gonna pay for it, he further says, if he gets the Nobel Prize he will dedicate the prize money for building the wall on the Mexican border. It shows Trump is a man of his words and never betray his followers on his promises!

Reporters were approached Bernie sanders for a possible comment, but he declined by saying “I have endorsed Hillary ” no more comments.. Meanwhile sources said that Hillary Clinton is not ready to accept the news yet as she is still in a shock, sources close to the former secretary of state said that she is focusing on the  the FBI investigation into Email scandal. Meanwhile Clinton foundation is lobbying with Saudi Royal family to bag a highest civilian honour from the kingdom for Hillary.

Meanwhile Anti Trump organisations have criticised the nomination of Norvegian Nobel committee, by saying that Donald Trump is the worst thing ever happened to the world and especially to America. The spokes person of a leading anti Trump Organization Mr. Kathleen Fernandez has claimed that they will oppose the move at any cost and will garner an international opinion with similar organisations and nations against Trump, they are also planning to raise the issue in the General Assembly of UN with the help of prominent nations like Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Syria. However some prominent  supporters of Trump has already said that Trump doesn’t need any peace prize as he is the most peaceful warrior of America.