Just In! Melania Trump Refuses To Move Into White House?

There’s no place like home! Melina Trump doesn’t seem to have ANY urgency to move into the White House in Washington D.C. Instead, the First Lady would rather live with Barron at the Trump Tower until he finishes the school year — or maybe even longer!

Let’s face it, moving SUCKS. All that heavy lifting and walking up and down stairs twenty times a day is a pain in the butt. If there’s anyone who can relate, it’s Melania Trump, 46, who continues living in New York City with her 11-year old son, Barron. The question is, why is she staying put? The First Lady’s spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, once said that her client has every intention of moving to Washington D.C once Barron finishes his school year. But as time goes on, more signs point to the complete opposite.

Now we have to wonder if Donald Trump plays some kind of role in her decision. It could be that her marriage has an “apparent lack of closeness,” according to Vanity Fair. Or, maybe the former model is just flat out miserable at the White House. Becoming First Lady was never a dream of hers, she was just supporting her husband. “She enjoys her role of stepping back and letting him take center stage,” spills decorator William Eubanks who spent Thanksgiving with Trump.

It’s been pretty clear from the start that Melania takes a backseat in her marriage. Trump is the dominant one who calls the shots — even if it means compromising her happiness. Lisa Bytner, who did PR for Trump, tells the publication that the First Lady “speaks only when spoken to.” Fans have seen how quickly Melania changes her emotions about her husband. When he looks at her, she’s smiling. But the second he looks away, she looks SO unhappy! That sort of behavior is not normal between a happily married couple.