JUST IN: Melania Trump makes baffling reason for not moving to the White House. This will shock you!

While rumors about Melania Trump shifting to White House this spring was floating on the Internet, Vanity Fair divulged about the First Lady’s true feelings about her role. Evgenia Peretz of Vanity Fair spoke with a source close to Melania who released all the juicy details.

A report claims that Melania “never wanted this, and never had any interest.” Trump’s campaign gave her unwanted stressed. Barron Trump’s fellow student’s parents claimed Melania appeared “thin, tired, and sad” and was “terrified” by the thought of her husband becoming President.

Peretz in the report said, “Melania seemed to do her best to ignore the new reality, on the grounds that she wanted to be home for Barron. Over the course of Trump’s 17-month campaign, she rarely joined her husband at rallies, and the speeches she gave could be counted on one hand.”

First Ladies characteristically wield their power to support the cause they believe in.  While Barack Obama was in power,  Michelle used her power to make America’s youth healthier.

While Lisa Bytner, Melania’s old friend, implied, “She was passionate about… Well, I can’t think what she was passionate about.”

Peretz said that Melania wishes for “a luxurious home where she could indulge her hobbies — Pilates and reading fashion magazines, according to People — in peace.”

This shows that Melania never wished for anything more than to be Trump’s trophy wife.  She sees Trump as her ticket out of Eastern Europe and spends a luxurious life.  Why do you think Trump treats her the way he does?  He’s in complete control, she is basically his slave – just the way he likes it.