Hilarious! Donald Trump Tweets The Word ‘We’. Twitter Completes The Sentence.

On Saturday afternoon, after delivering the commencement speech at Virginia’s Liberty University, US President Donald Trump tweeted the monosyllabic word “We”. It’s not clear how the accidental two-letter word made it to his Twitter but it got everyone talking. Realizing the goof-up, the tweet soon disappeared from his timeline and his over 29 million followers. But not before several people took screenshots of the mysterious tweet.

People quickly turned the word into memes and many submitted their own interpretations of what Mr Trump meant by the tweet. Twitter left no opportunity to mock the leader. Most tweets used #We to target the president for a variety of reasons like missing tax returns, potential ties to Russia and healthcare.


But mostly, people completed the sentence with song lyrics.

After deleting the tweet, Donald Trump followed it up with a tweet about an TV interview he was scheduled to give on Saturday night.

What do you think he meant with ‘We’?