Breaking News! Ivanka and Melania Trump engulfed in cold war? Would it bring down Trump administration!

It appears that all is not well between Melania and Ivanka Trump, according to some sources revealed to on Sunday.

Reports suggest that the two shares a frosty relationship as the Trump’s eldest daughter has filled the role as First Lady in Melania’s absence.  However, a White House spokesperson has dismissed the rumor by saying that the two women have always had a close bond and still do.

But DailyMail claims that the frigid relationship could stem from Ivanka being a stand-in for First Lady duties. While in a report published by Vanity Fair that revolves around Melania’s private life, claims that two unidentified sources confirm the cold interactions between the two Trump ladies- both fashion and media have also noticed.

Earlier it was reported that First Lady would be staying in Trump Tower in New york with her 11-year old son Barron Trump. Disapproving headlines started to make news about Melania for not moving to Washington DC. along with Donald Trump.

However, Ivanka rounded up her three children and husband Jared Kushner to shift to $5.5million dollar home in the exclusive neighborhood of Kalorama in Washington DC. Nevertheless, her move wasn’t surprising since she has always been at her father’s side, and now she will be traveling to Germany next week on behalf of the president to mourn Holocaust victims.

First Daughter has been an integral part of his company as well. She never shied away to cheer him during his presidential campaign. Ivanka has been Trump’s favorite, who is a go-to child and possibly biggest supporter. But Melania was largely absent at his husband’s campaign rallies and speeches, so it wasn’t a surprise when she shied away from her new political duties as First Lady. It was clear that Ivanka was the choice to fill her shoes.

Since the 35-year-old businesswoman has been strongly supporting her father at meetings with Chinese leaders and accompanied Trump on his Dover Air Force Base visit. She even welcomed back a recently freed American charity worker in the Oval Office.

However, now it seems things have started to change. Melania now trying to snatch away First Lady role from Ivanka and take back her place on Trump’s side. She has been seen more frequently in Washington DC and joined Trump in his first military hospital visit where he awarded an Army veteran with a Purple Heart, on Saturday.