Big News! Zakir Naik’s direct connection with ISIS! Indian agencies exposed him

More trouble for controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, Indian agencies in a joint operation by Maharashtra ATS and Cochin police nabbed Zakir’s close aid and an ISIS agent from kerala.

Zakir Naik’s Islamic Research Foundation has confirmed that Areshi Qureshi arrested for recruiting Kerala Youths to Islamic State is their employee. He used to work with the foundations as a guest relationship manager, (In fact it is a front desk job). He has been working for the IRF for several years and he is the one to meet if someone approached the institution for any work. Police captured him from his Home in Navi Mumbai!.

How Police Nabbed him?

Kerala Police who is investigating the missing of 21 youths who allegedly joined Islamic state , recorded statement of Ebin Jacob (25) the brother of merlin alias Mariam, a woman, who is missing along with her husband Bestin Vincent alias Yahya.

According to various sources, Jacob has alleged that he was forced to convert to Islam and join Islamic State in 2014 by his brother in law Bestin and Qureshi. he also accused that his Sister was forcefully converted to islam by Bestin and  Qureshi in IRF (Zakir’s Organisation)

Islamic Research Foundation Supports Qureshi!

IRF said they will support Qureshi and will extend him all legal aid as he is their employee and added that all these allegations are purposefully fabricated to malign the image of IRF as an organisation. They said “we will not convert anyone forcefully to islam and its not easy in Mumbai to convert forcefully to islam.”

By this new proofs revealed by indian agencies, it is clear that Zakir and his organisation  has direct connection with Islamic State and has been acting as a recruiting hub for ISIS in India. Government of India should take immediate action against these terrorists and shut their operations ASAP.