AMERICANS CHEERING! Alec Baldwin just made an exciting news! Fans would be thrilled now!

Exciting news has just been released by Alec Baldwin and his fans would be thrilled to see the orange wig on his head is staying than expected. Earlier in March, the actor had said that he didn’t intend to impersonate Donald Trump much longer but now it seems he has changed his mind, since impersonating Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, the actor has seen a major career revitalization.

“It’s something that I would do, and in all likelihood, I will do, but I have no idea where I’m going to be in September and October,” Baldwin said to Gothamist in a new interview. “The [43rd] season starts in early October, and the point is, if I’m in Rome doing a film, no, I’m not flying back here on Saturday night to do the show. While I was in town, and while this worked, it was great. It was a great experience. If I’m around I’ll do it, but who knows where we’re going to be.”

Baldwin as debuted last October as Trump and since then he has made 16 appearances. Most recent was last weekend when he pulled double duty as Donald Trump and threw in an uncanny Bill O’Reilly impression for good measure.

For SNL was off the air for nearly all of March and Baldwin’s appearance as Trump was a welcome return. Initially, Baldwin was reluctant to take the role but he regarded that it has been a “career renewal” for him.

He claims that his portrayal of Trump will not change anyone’s mind but in the long run he does hope that would make some difference.

“I’m wondering, now that the shroud of a literal Trump presidency has descended on everybody fully if that’s changed people,” he said to Gothamist. “So when they come rolling into the next election, even the midterms, are they going to come to their senses? We can’t take any credit for that, but that will be a renewal for me if what we’ve done results in something.”

Read the full interview over at Gothamist. Baldwin, whose voice talents can currently be heard in The Boss Baby, will next be seen in Blind, Downsizing, and the sixth Mission Impossible film.