France attack officially confirmed “terror has no religion” !


New Delhi: Prominent Indian media personalities and intellectuals like Barkha, Rajdeep, Sagarika, Ravish Kumar, Arundhati Roy, Brinda karat and secular leaders of congress, communists and AAP in a joint press conference stated that Terror has no religion, whatever happened in Paris is unfortunate but we must understand that root cause of terrorism “is poverty and lack of education” . According to the press statement “France is curtailing the freedom of  muslims in France by not allowing their women to wear Pardah, raiding mosques in the name of investigation and even shutting down the mosques. Barkha Dutt said “this is nothing but clear case of human rights violation and termed the France muslims as freedom fighters” When asked “if its poverty, how come they have money for buying Guns and ammunitions? Barkha said ” Gun is the last hope of an oppressor, without Gun you cannot lead a movement, this is 21st century, oppressors of Islam has Gun, so in order to escape from poverty and sufferings Gun and Bomb is a must.”.  “if its education, why most of the attackers have college education and professional degrees” she replied with a smile “they are fighting for the innocent muslims who are not educated ”

Meanwhile, prominent Islamic preachers and scholars around the world has termed the incident as unfortunate, but after quoting Quran, they said, if situation demands in order to protect the fellow muslims from oppression, sufferings and poverty one can be a suicide bomber and a horrible Truck Driver..According Salafi and Wahabi school of thought Truck is also a weapon for Jihad..and accroding to prominent muslim preacher Zakir Naik, there is nothing wrong in being horrible truck drivers in places like paris, London, Newyork and Mumbai where Muslims face the maximum amount of torture and human rights violations. Government and other religions are violating the fundamental rights of Jihadis by stopping them from joining Islamic State and other organisations who carry out the work of Allah on earth ”

Preachers around the world have thanked the friends of jihad in India for their continues support to the cause of Jihad, and expected that the support will continue till India become Dar-ul-islam. Today in a peaceful Truck incident in Nice (France), a peaceful warrior of Islam (originally a Tunisian born) had conducted a peaceful attack against the oppressors of Paris. Following the incident, terror apologists and seculars around the globe were issuing statements that “Terror has no religion”

But some right wing organisations in India and United states have already expressed their deep grief over the Paris incident. Donald Trump Publicly said “Islam is a crime against Humanity” and continued his rant against all muslims. Whereas in india RSS and BJP leaders are still hunting muslims with the help of mighty Hindus of India. However every world organisations and prominent leaders are together in saying “Terror has no religion”