After the big success of “Talk to AK’ show Arvind Kejriwal Joining NDTV !

New Delhi: According to the various reports and news sources, it is said that Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is all set to join, India’s most popular News Channel NDTV. After the successful launch of his new Talk Show “Talk to AK” Kejriwal has been receiving offers from various media houses which include Aajtak, ABP News and India Today. However AAP refused to comment on the issue. According to the reports, journalists like Ravish Kumar, Punya Prasun, Barkha, Rahul kanwal and Rajdeep Sardesai were very much impressed with the the way in which kejriwal run his “Talk to AK” show. Insiders are saying they all found something similar with Arvind kejriwal, especially when it comes to behind the screen rehersal, preparing question and answers, raising allegations without enough material evidences, mischevious mannerisms and of course criticising Prime Minister Modi. Aajtak and NDTV even cooperated with Kejriwal for the successful running of his show, it is said that prominent journalists from these two channels have helped kejriwal in deciding the script.

When contacted by our reporters, Ravish Kumar said , in his one decade of experience as a journalist, he had never experienced something like “Talk to AK” In his words “This show is a turning point in indian television industry, where a sitting chief minister is participating in a talk show and answering every questions, which include nationally important topics like Modi’s shirt, Modi’s pants, Modi’s trousers ,Modi’s shoes and of course Modi’s innerwears” No other Chief Minister had ever done something like this in India, forget about India, this is a unique experience for the whole world” Ravish kumar added.

Punya Prasun Bajpayee had a different story to tell us, when contacted he became very nostalgic and little emotional, his memory went back to the “Krantikari days of ” 2014,  when he was trying to teach AK “the art of off camera actions”. An emotional Punya Prasun said “It was me who taught him the lessons of journalism first and today my heart is filled with utmost joy and happiness that my dearest friend Kejriwal is successfully running a talk show and is able to join NDTV” However he did not hide his dissatisfaction over Kejriwal joining NDTV instead of Aajtak.

According to reports, kejriwal and his team have scrutanised the offers which they received from the News channels, and after a rigorous study, they have decided to accept the offer of NDTV as the agenda of NDTV and AAP matches. According to AAP insiders kejriwal considered couple of points before joining NDTV

  1. Common enemy of NDTV and Kejriwal is Prime Minister.
  2. NDTV and kejriwal has a common agenda regarding Kashmir and terrorists.
  3. NDTV and Kejriwal are honest to the core.

Besides these all the journalists of NDTV is consistent in their stand towards, Kashmir, national security and Modi unlike India Today journalists like Rahul Kanwal who switch sides according to seasons!

Kejriwal may join NDTV from next month onwards and NDTV has allotted him a Prime Time slot for criticising the policies of Prime Minister, according to reports a one hour show has been decided and different names popped up. Final discussions are on few names like “AK bashing MODI” “AK’s views on Modi” and “AK snubs Modi”. Kejriwal is reportedly unhappy with the one hour slot and the non inclusion of a “movie review session”, but the discussions are still on to find amicable solution.

Through this new initiative NDTV is expected to increase their TRP and viewership rates as AK is the most popular leader of the country. NDTV expectations are sky rocketing under Kejriwal’s anchor skills. Meanwhile political analysts, intellectuals and Prominent journalists have noted that “AK’s move is one of the significant turning point in India’s Television Journalism”